Do you know if your employees have the necessary skills?

Do you know if your employees have the necessary skills? They have adequate training or experience? If training is required to acquire skills, was effective?

The requirement “7.2 Competence” of ISO 9001: 2015 asks for your answer to the above questions. More important is the employee understands and realizes that success in the performance, translates into success for the company. It is a win-win relationship.

Briefly, the Organization shall determine all competencies that affect the functioning of the QMS. Formalization is not required. However, a document describing the competencies is necessary.

Next step is to prove that the skills are real. A qualification or training certificate may do. Nevertheless, if the organization can and wants, the best way to demonstrate it is know-how is the experience.

Now, the organization has invested in training the employee. How to show that it was effective? The answer is to put him/her performing the function and thus demonstrate that they have the necessary competence.

Practical example.

(Read the text below before watching the video).

1) Determine the necessary skills of the red employee to perform his duties:

  • Know how to operate the machine;
  • Have manual dexterity to press the buttons of the machine;
  • Be healthy and not faint in extreme situations;
  • Others;

The employee is aware that the success of the organization depends on his/her own success, which makes everyone more motivated and more demanding. Everyone wins.

2) The employee at his job demonstrates that he knows how to do it.

3) I do not know if the employee was trained, but if he/she had it, just look at the results that he or she obtained, or just compare the results of the Junior employee (red) with the Senior employee (grey).

Just a simple document and a video and it meet with ISO 9001. More important than meeting the Standard is ensuring that the hires you make are a contribution to the success of the organization.

Thinking Quality is fun and makes the organization more profitable.

A true and real example of showing competence–yM2UY4tQ

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